Gardens as Places of Therapy & Education

Halm, Jeremy (2013) Gardens as Places of Therapy & Education. [Abstract]

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Gardens have the ability to restore human mental and physical health while providing a place for education and community enhancement. Gardens also provide individuals with a direct link to nature. The intent of this paper is to bring attention to human-nature interdependence through garden therapy and education. The purpose is to strengthen and enhance current understanding of the therapeutic benefits related to garden activities and how gardens can be used for educational settings as gardens are catalysts for greater exposure to the natural environment. This paper includes an overview of the history of gardens as places having healing qualities, with reference to ancient Egyptians, monasteries in the Middle Ages, and the first western physician, Dr. Benjamin Rush, who used plants as a medium for therapy. The professional uses of Horticultural Therapy include applications for patients with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, and correctional facilities including prisons and jails. These applications indicate the ability of gardens to heal the individual through inclusion and meaningful activity. In addition, this paper addresses the historical role of the garden as a medium for education. The paper looks into the garden’s modern uses in school districts and magnet schools. In closing, a discussion of the reciprocity created between nature and humans from active participation in the garden is given attention.

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