Sifting Through Time: Screening in Today’s Archaeology

Kelly, Mike (2012) Sifting Through Time: Screening in Today’s Archaeology. [Abstract]

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In the recent past, there have been many advances in archaeological techniques and technology. One piece of technology that has not been changed is the screen or sifter. While there are multiple sizes and types of sifters, the basic technology behind it has not changed. The techniques and use of screening, however, have changed. In modern archaeology, there is a divide between academic archaeology and public archaeology (Cultural Resource Management). Recovery mode is the method in which an archaeologist recovers artifacts from a site. In academia, during excavation the preferred method of artifact recovery is screening. In public archaeology, recovery methods vary due to restrictions on time and funding. This research focuses on the reasons why academic and public archaeology vary in recovery mode. Using examples from various manuals of archaeological technique and journal articles the reasons are explored. Along with researching the divide in screening techniques, this study researches the value of screening using ceramic data collected at the Pigg Site in southwestern Colorado, a Pueblo II/III site. Factors such as artifact count and information attained from ceramic artifacts are discussed and measured. The aim of this paper is to open a dialogue in archaeology about recovery methods and the divided use of these methods.

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