Effects of an Olympic Lifting Program Compared to a Resistance Lifting Program on 40 Yard Dash Times

Jagger, Cory and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2010) Effects of an Olympic Lifting Program Compared to a Resistance Lifting Program on 40 Yard Dash Times. [Abstract]

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Football athletes have always been taught that the benchmark in speed for their sport is the 40 yard dash. Having a fast 40 yard dash can be the difference between a player getting drafted and never seeing the professional ranks. So the purpose of this study was to document the effects of two different weight lifting plans on 40 yard dash times and compare them to each other to see if one program is better in enhancing performance than the other. Thirteen subjects were tested over a 12 week period: 6 of them in a Resistance Program and 7 in an Olympic Program. Each subject was from age 24 – 36. Each subject was tested at three times in their 40 yard dashes: before the weight training program (week 0), at the mid way point (week 6) and at the conclusion of the programs (week 12). Each testing scenario (pre, mid and post) consisted of two trials and the faster of the two was taken for the study. A two way ANOVA with replication was used to analyze the data. The results showed that there was no significant data between groups but showed significance between pre and post tests in both groups. So we reject our alternative hypothesis and accept the null because there was no statistical difference between the groups. This means that each program showed improved 40 yard dash times but when compared to each other there was no real difference in their effects. This can have meaning to strength coaches, football coaches and any performance enhancing coach because implementing Olympic lifts into a regimen is not as beneficial to improving speed. Although a lifting program does improve speed, adding complex explosive lifts does not mean increased performance. They may in fact turn to working on running form instead of extra hours in the weight room.

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