How To "Do" Philosophy: A practical guide to understanding how to “do” philosophy…

Myers, Justin (2015) How To "Do" Philosophy: A practical guide to understanding how to “do” philosophy…. [Abstract]

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It has come to my attention that there is a general misunderstanding on how one “does” or “commits” philosophy. What I intend to provide is a step by step process that generally represents what it is exactly that Philosophers do…I will use my paper “A left libertarian defense of wilderness” as an example of what we do. I will show how philosophers use different lenses to make sense of some very perplexing problems. At hand, what if anything does justice demand from the left libertarian when it comes to preserving natural resources? The purpose of this presentation is to inform on the process a philosopher uses to come to a clearer understanding of any theory. In so doing the reader will also be exposed to the left libertarian position and a general discussion on rights and duties.

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