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Dwyer, Nora J. (2015) New Insight into the History of the Chicago Basin Stock from U/Pb Zircon Age Constraints, Needle Mountains, Southwestern Colorado. [Abstract]

Abrams, Tara and Mylroie, Elena and Sommerville, Les (2016) Isolation and Characterization of a Membrane-Bound Pink Pigment from Acidobacterium Capsulatum. [Abstract]

Absher, Nathan and Block, Cooper / W and Chavez, Marlyn and Joe, Natalie and Lindquist-Kleissler, Brent and Mylroie, Elena and Mouzakis, Kathryn / D (2016) Studying the role of RNA secondary structure in Human T-cell Leukemia/Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 (HTLV-1) gag-pro -1 programmed frameshift site. [Abstract]

Abshire, Dan and Montoya, Cody and Revak, Michael and Martinez, Gavin and Hughes, Dillon (2015) Development of an Off-Road Vehicle for the SAE Baja Competition. [Abstract]

Adams, Cale and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. (2015) Chasing Fossils: the Timing and Extent of an Upright Calamites/Lycopod Forest, Pennsylvanian Hermosa Group, SW Colorado. [Abstract]

Adams, Kimberly L. J. (2014) Preserving the York Minster Cultural Heritage Site: An In Depth Look at The Complex Issues That are Threatening to Undermine Historical Preservation in York, England Today. [Abstract]

Alkire, David P and Turner, Veronica (2014) Largo al Factotum from Il Barbiere di Siviglia by Gioachino Rossini. [Abstract]

Altermatt, Eva and Di Giacomo, Lionel (2015) Aesthetic Experiences in Outdoor Experiential Education: Possible Impacts on Leadership Development and Attitudes About Inclusivity. [Abstract]

Anderson, Carlie and Sill, Rachel and Herman, Robert and Carter, Phil (2016) Oops . . . We did it Again! [Abstract]

Anderson, Jacob and Clark, Katherine and Faust, Jake and Sandoval, Joey and Tozer, Kenneth and Hall, Erik and Belcher, Brandon (2016) Networked Autonomous Surface Vehicles for Reservoir Monitoring. [Abstract]

Anderson, Peter Ivan and Kenny , Ray (2015) OSL Dating of Fluvial and Lacustrine Sediment North of Durango, Colorado: A Record of an Asynchronous Glacial Advance at 55 ka? [Abstract]

Atene, Antonia and Dayish, Kolette and Warriner, Marcus and Yeager, Daniel and Mouzakis, Kathryn (2014) Determining the Secondary Structure of HTLV-1 pro-pol Frameshift Siten using NMR and Native Gel Analysis. [Abstract]

Austin, Rita (2014) The sum of their parts: Assessing drifting and double zonal osteons within medieval Kulubnarti, Nubia. [Abstract]

Avant, Kelly and Velasco, Gina (2014) “I love giving head. Simple. As. That.” : How College Hook-up Culture Both Challenges and Upholds Oppressive Ideologies of Gender and Sexuality. [Abstract]

Barbour, Brandon (2015) Returning to Aztlan: Immigrants Forging New Lives in Familiar Places. [Abstract]

Baumbach, Hari J. (2014) Web Design and The Creative Process. [Abstract]

Beans-Polk, Chelsey (2016) The Anthropological Transformation and its Relationship with Native American Peoples. [Abstract]


Begaye, Galveston and Aguirre-Winter, Emily and Klaseen, Ethan and Roybal, Joshua and Smoke, Carly (2016) Mobile HazMat Emergency Facility. [Abstract]

Benally, Leayah (2015) The Relationship Between Personality Tendencies and Level of Physical Aggression. [Abstract]

Bender, Keith M and Dohm, Nicole A and Wilkinson, Alex R (2016) Shredding the Gnar and Your Body: An Analysis of Ski Injuries in the 2014-2015 Season. [Abstract]

Bennett-Begaye, Taylor and Booth, Paul (2016) Design and Beyond. [Abstract]

Boren, Justin and Chambellan, Megan and Somogyi, Aaron and Taziwa, Benson (2015) Sediment Exclusion in Small Water Systems using a Coanda Effect Device. [Abstract]

Bowser, Angie (2014) The Commodification of Food & It’s Impacts on Food Security and Strategies for Change. [Abstract]

Boyd, Matthew and Wilson, Opie and Houghton, Emily (2015) Exploring Social Media Use in NCAA Division II Athletic Departments. [Abstract]

Breece, Kenneth and Rollins, James (2015) Staging Chekhov's Short Stories. [Abstract]

Brewer, Leah (2016) Discovering Dido: Creating a Character Through Research. [Abstract]

Brickle, Tyler (2014) Why A Comes Before B: Applying an Anthropological Lens to Business and Understanding Cultural Influences in the Workplace. [Abstract]

Brittain, Benjamin (2015) Intergenerational Fairness through Taxation. [Abstract]

Broad, Amanda and McKenzie, jason and mouzakis, kathryn (2014) Determining the Secondary Structure of the HTLV pro-pol Frameshift Site using SHAPE Chemical Probing. [Abstract]

Broad, Amanda J. and McKenzie , Jason and Mouzakis, Katie (2014) Determining the secondary structure of the HTLV pro-pol frameshift site using SHAPE chemical probing. [Abstract]

Brockmeier, Connor (2016) Federalism and Direct Democracy: Why States Dissent Against Federal Law. [Abstract]

Brooks, Shane and El-Hossari, Megan and Flores, Alexa and Romero, Arturo and Roseberry, Jesse (2014) Design of a Fluid Level Indicator for Hazardous and High Temperature Liquids. [Abstract]

Brown, Kimberlie J. (2014) A Bright Future: Feasible Solar Energy for Fort Lewis College. [Abstract]

Caldera, Hector and Chadeayne, Devon and Eagle, Forrest / W and Martin, Evita / M and Rios, Jeovanna / R and Walker, Melanie / A and Mouzakis, Kathryn / D (2016) Ribosomal Frameshifting in HTLV-1: Examining the pro-pol frameshift site. [Abstract]

Caldera, Hector and Lindquist-Kleissler, Brent and Ozvat, Tyler and Miller , Dr. Kenneth A. (2015) Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Diarylether Cyclophanes. [Abstract]

Caldera, Hector and Tregillus, Zoe and Ozvat, Tyler and Cooper-Sansonne, Andrew (2016) Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Diarylether Paracyclophanes. [Abstract]

Cannon, Courtney (2015) Exploring the Effect of Domestic Violence on Children Growing up in the Home. [Abstract]

Canova, D and Kenny, R and Liu, T (2015) Preliminary Rock Varnish Exposure Ages on Pediment Boulders from the Henry Mountains, Utah: Implications for Pediment Formation Processes. [Abstract]

Carlos, Andres S. (2016) Homo in quaestio: Discussion of the taxonomic placement of the Dmanisi hominins. [Abstract]

Carmichael , Kaley (2014) The Morality of Factory Farming. [Abstract]

Casasanto-Zimmermann, Kale (2015) The Effects of Mountain Pine Beetles on Lodgepole Pine Stands in Colorado. [Abstract]

Casey, Joseph R. R. (2016) Music Tonality and Mindfulness. [Abstract]

Chadeayne, Devon and Davis, Summer and GreyEyes, Shawn and Knewitz, Allison and Stelmaszek, Jordan and Mouzakis, Kathryn (2015) Structure and Function of the HTLV-1 pro-pol Frameshift Site. [Abstract]

Clark, Casey and Lehmer, Erin M. and Simbeck, Cathy (2014) Can Spending Time in the Outdoors Reduce Stress? [Abstract]

Coggins, Jennie and Wasserman, Robert (2014) School Climate and Relational Bullying: Effecting Student Behavior Through a Restorative Justice Model. [Abstract]

Collins, William and Walker, Melanie and Wright, Lauren and Todd, Kelcy (2016) Glycosylated Monoterpenoids: Miticides to Protect Honey Bee Colonies. [Abstract]

Conte, Sean and Smith, Eric (2016) Comparing Wavelet Techniques for Content-Based Image Retrieval. [Abstract]

Corcorran, Brandon (2015) Psychopaths Among Us: What Predisposes People to become Psychopaths. [Abstract]

Currie, Veronica and Yandell, Wayne (2016) Detecting and Hiding Text in Images using Haar Wavelet Transform and Mathematical Morphology. [Abstract]

Dailey, Leandrew and Sommerville, Les (2016) An Examination of Ferric Iron and Nitrate Reduction Activity in Acidobacterium Capsulatum. [Abstract]

Davis, Javis and Kenny , Ray (2014) Fire History of the Turkey Spring watershed: Fort Apache Reservation, AZ. [Abstract]

Davis, Summer and GreyEyes, Shawn and Knewitz, Allison and Stelmaszek, Jordan and Mouzakis, Kathryn (2014) Does Pseudoknot Formation play a role in HTLV-1 pro-pol Frameshift Efficiency? [Abstract]

Davis, Tynan and Stuart, Mariah E. and Huntoon, Jessica and Meyer, Carrie Dr. (2015) Concussion Reporting in NCAA Division I-III Collegiate Athletes. [Abstract]

DeSouchet, Nicole and Chavarria, Manuel and Dasugo, Dusty and Thompson, Melissa (2015) The Role of Cutaneous Sensory Feedback During Running. [Abstract]

DeVore, Brin (2016) Understanding Spring Awakening: The Treatment of Adolescents in 19th Century Germany. [Abstract]

Dell'Amico, Allyson and Goldberg, Olivia and Kurlander, Levi (2016) Anonymizing Medical Audio Databases Through Steganographic Concealing of Confidential Information. [Abstract]

Dias, Shirleen (2014) Hydrothermal dolomitization of Mississippian Leadville Limestone, Southwest Colorado: A literature review. [Abstract]

Dudash, Jessica (2014) A Cat, a Fish, and a Flower: Endangered Species and Urban Development. [Abstract]

Elliott, Katherine (2015) Octavia Butler’s Dialogue on Race and Gender in Speculative Fiction. [Abstract]

Ellis, Weston (2016) Convergence in Wide-Reflective Equilibrium: an indicator for objective moral truth? [Abstract]

Espinoza, Veronica and Harman, Stephen and Blake , David (2015) In vivo Combination Therapy Against 4T1 Mouse Breast Cancer Cells Using Doxorubicin and CTLA-4 Blockade. [Abstract]

Feirson, Jake (2015) Letting Down Her Hair: Learning Gender through Fairy Tales. [Abstract]

Fields, M.J.F. (2015) A New Generation of Resilience: Analysis of the Challenges Facing Young Farmers in the West. [Abstract]

Finke, Eliza and Mouzakis, Kathryn (2016) Determination of the secondary RNA structure and its importance to the HTLV-1 pro-pol frameshift site. [Abstract]

Finstad, Amanda and Swingle, Grayson and Rhea, Casey and Houghton, Emily (2016) An Analysis of Wilderness First Responder Self-Efficacy. [Abstract]

Fleming, Jane and Bishop, Victoria and Cunningham, Devin and Harmon, Dallas and Williams, Forrest (2014) Design of a Hydraulic Intake Structure for Stream Diversion. [Abstract]

Foran, Tomlyn and Seis, Mark (2015) Ferocious Hatred or Reverent Coexistence: Disparate Human Ontologies of the Wolf. [Abstract]

Fountain, D (2015) Conservation of Alternative Splicing Events of the Brain Protein Piccolo Across Evolutionarily Diverse Species. [Abstract]

Francis, Brandon (2015) The Reintroduction of Cultural Concepts into Diné Gardening Workshops: The Effect It May Have on Levels of Interest and Participation on the Navajo Reservation. [Abstract]

Frank, Dominick (2016) Analysis and Interpretation of Offshore Hazards in Arctic Waters of Alaska. [Abstract]

Glade, Michael (2016) The Veracity of the Historical Details in Javier Cerca’s Novel Soldados de Salamina. [Abstract]

Glade, Michael and Njenga, Melba (2016) Regulation of miR-132 Expression and Viral Entry in MRC-5 Cells via HCMV Infection and Ganciclovir Administration. [Abstract]

Gosney, Tori (2016) Environmental stressors: the effects of ambient noise on child development in rural and urban areas. [Abstract]

Gourley, Tricia (2016) Textiles, Natural Dyes and Sustainability. [Abstract]

Govreau, Jason (2015) Directed Graphs of Commutative Rings with Identity: Expanding Graphs to Understand the Structure of Larger Rings. [Abstract]

Graves, Kevin (2015) Formation and Characterization of Porous Silicon. [Abstract]

Gray, Heidi and Starbuck , Hannah (2014) The Shapes of Numerical Ranges of Matrices. [Abstract]

Groh, Christine and Yarbrough, Patrick (2014) Computational Complexity of Problems with Digraphs and Finite Topological Spaces. [Abstract]

Grotts, Howard and Pearson, Risa (2014) Applications of Fourier Analysis and Permutation Representations on Ranked Datasets. [Abstract]

HURCOMB, WESLEY (2014) Supernovae Classification by the Observation of Light Curves. [Abstract]

Haberer, James (2016) The Potential Impact of Bark Beetles on Colorado Ski Areas. [Abstract]

Haley, Mackenzie (2014) Death and Reactions to Acts of Intolerance. [Abstract]

Hampson, Daniel L. (2016) The Provenience Paradox The Benefits of Renewed Analysis on Biological Collections without Context: A Proof of Concept. [Abstract]

Harris, Jason (2015) Art of Another Kind​: Understanding the Process and Relevance of Informalism. [Abstract]

Hattman, Emma (2014) Investigating Simvastatin as a Treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. [Abstract]

Hemerda, Carsyn and Askeland, Gracie and Wilbanks, Joseph and McKenzie, Jason and Sommerville, Les (2015) Genomic Analysis of Excreted Enzymes in Acidobaterium Capsulatum. [Abstract]

Henderson, Hamish (2016) A Geospatial Analysis of the California Drought: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, Trinity Lake and Shasta Lake. [Abstract]

Hensler, Ian and Seaney, Cassie and Kleinert, Matt and Salcido, Kody and Bixenmann, Michael and Garcia, Noah and Emerson, Sam (2016) Sustainable House for Engagement and Discovery (SHED). [Abstract]

Hespe, Micheal and Bogust, Pam and Carlson, Nick and Bruce, Dillon (2016) Development of an SAE Baja Racecar. [Abstract]

Hicinbothem, Melissa (2016) The Man in the Black Leather Coat: Panopticism and Historical Fiction. [Abstract]

Holloway, Marshall (2015) The Potential Effects of Off-Highway Vehicle Usage in the San Juan National Forest, Colorado. [Abstract]

Horn, Hannah and Miller, Gwendolyn and Gwilliam, Jessica and DiCecco, Marissa and Shields, Maia and Templeton, Janice (2015) The Effect of Quotes from Authority on Victim Blaming Attitudes in Cases of Sexual Assault. [Abstract]

Hullinger, Luke and Bock, Kevin and Watkins, Scott and O'malley, Steven and Shafer, Brendan (2014) The Design of a Helmet Impact Tester. [Abstract]

Hunt, Nicoll (2016) The Psychology of Technology on Childhood Development: Reconnecting to Nature with Walkable Urbanism. [Abstract]

Jackson, Duke (2016) Great Plains Farming and the Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer. [Abstract]

Jackson, Jane E. and Gulliford , Andrew (2014) Mining for Tourism: Connections Between Moab, Utah's Uranium Industry and the Creation of Canyonlands National Park: 1948-1964. [Abstract]

James, A (2014) The Rape of Women and Men's Violence. [Abstract]

Jenkins, Candice (2015) Refashion: Extending the Life Cycle of Clothing and Revaluing Waste. [Abstract]

Jessett, CJ (2015) Equations Describing Betweenness Values in Tree Graphs. [Abstract]

Jiang, Matthew (2016) South Fork Texas Creek Gas Seep Area Subsurface Analysis. [Abstract]

Joe, Natalie and Morris, Aimee M. (2016) Continued Studies on a New Octahedral Cobalt(III) Complex as a Possible Anti-cancer Prodrug: Synthesis and Characterization Studies in Solid-State and Solution. [Abstract]

Joe, Natalie and Morris, Aimee M. (2015) A New Octahedral Cobalt(III) Complex as a Possible Anti-Cancer Prodrug: Synthesis and Characterization Studies in Solid-State and Solution. [Abstract]

John, Ericka (2015) Gender Sensitivity to Disgust. [Abstract]

Kehoe, Fiona (2015) Human Sacrifice Among the Celts. [Abstract]

Ketchum, Remington and Slowman, Wilbert and Paciaroni, Megan (2016) An experimental and modeled comparison of diffraction in imaging systems. [Abstract]

Ketelsleger, Travis (2015) Public Perception of the Police. [Abstract]

Kiernan, Ashley (2016) China's One Child Policy: Effects on Women and Girls. [Abstract]

Kiklis, Beau (2014) Acequia and Pueblo Water Rights Adjudications In Northern New Mexico: Legal Inadequacies and the Benefits of Negotiation. [Abstract]

Kinlicheene, Bryanna and LeClaire, Kaylyn (2015) Perceived Stereotypes Effect and Self-Efficacy on Academic Performance Specific to Native American Students at Fort Lewis College. [Abstract]

Kinney, Rachel and Kenny , Ray and Gillam, Mary (2016) Investigation of Possible Periglacial Involution Structures: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. [Abstract]

Kinslow, Chrissy N (2014) Reed Library's - Art In The Library Student Art Competition Project: Nesting. [Abstract]

Kirks, Max (2014) Room to Grow: Improving Farmer Livelihoods through Increased Quinoa Production in Colorado. [Abstract]

Klemperer, Colton (2014) Ambushed: Comparing Strategies for Mitigating Invasive Plant Species on the Animas River in Durango, Colorado. [Abstract]

Knudsen, Lucas (2015) Transgender Young Adult Experiences: Shifting Normative Expectations and Experiences. [Abstract]

Kuhn, Kiefer and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. (2014) Reservoir-scale Sequence Stratigraphy And Facies Variation Within The Mississippian Leadville Limestone, Southwestern San Juan Mountains, Colorado. [Abstract]

Kunz, Brody J. and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. (2014) Characteristics of Cretaceous Tidal Rhythmites in the Menefee Formation; Durango, CO. [Abstract]

Lake, Melvina and Lee, Audrianna and Mancha, Serena and Mouzakis, Kathryn (2014) The Effects of Local and Global RNA Stability on Frameshift Efficiency in the HTLV-II gag-pro Frameshift Site. [Abstract]

Leach, Christopher (2014) Investigation of the Mineral Assemblages,and History of Skarn at Diorite Peak,La Plata Mountains, Colorado. [Abstract]

Lewis, Kyle and Gonzales, David (2015) Age and Origin of the Mount Sneffels stock, western San Juan Mountains, Colorado. [Abstract]

Liaw, Francis and Houghton, Emily and Frazer, Lee (2015) The Correlation between Physical Training for Adventure Experiences and Self-efficacy. [Abstract]

Loera, Sandra (2014) Lower Levels of Depression in Self-Compassionate Individuals in U.S. and Mexican Populations. [Abstract]

Macdonald, Lindsay (2014) Colorful World: What do Picasso, Stage Lights and Color have in Common? [Abstract]

Maes, Joshua and Marks, Robert and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2015) College Athletes’ Perceptions of Care Quality Based on Gender/Race. [Abstract]

Mallinger, Hunter and Austin , Dr. Rebecca (2014) Food Waste Co-Digestion: The Potential Benefits of Utilizing Existing Infrastructure at Durango Wastewater Treatment Facility. [Abstract]

Mason, Joseph and Hannula, Kimberly A. and Gonzales, David (2016) A Fracture Analysis to Assess the Structural History of the Equity Block at Creede, CO. [Abstract]

McCarty, Jordann and Stuntz, Andrew and Liebel , David and Johnson , Geoffrey (2015) The Hopkopter: A Solution to Maneuvering in Cluttered Environments for Extended Periods of Time. [Abstract]

McCormick, Meredith and Dorr, Betty (2016) Equine Motor Dominance and Eye Preference in Response to a Novel Stimulus. [Abstract]

McDonald, Ryan (2015) Rooftop Greenhouses and the Restaurant Industry. [Abstract]

McDowell, Aaron and Steltzer, Heidi (2015) Earth and Water: Landcover and River Health on the Missouri River. [Abstract]

McDowell, Joshua and Andrea, Bruce and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2014) The Effects of Pulmonary Hypertension on Athlete Performance in Cyclists at High Altitude. [Abstract]

McKinney, Wade (2014) Tracking Space Debris With a Single Camera System via Gauss’s Method. [Abstract]

McLain, Katherine and Byrd, Sherell (2015) Validating the Use of English Lavender Extract as an Herbal Remedy to Combat Inflammation �. [Abstract]

Meacham, Evan (2015) Anonymous: Reimagining Deep Play in the Internet Age. [Abstract]

Mears, Taylor (2014) TMT in the Court Room. [Abstract]

Mike-Bidtah, Jody (2016) Navajo Students’ Perspectives on Tribal Food Systems and Sovereignty. [Abstract]

Miller, Alaina (2015) Patterns in Methods of Body Disposal: An Analysis of Choice Rationale and Urbanization. [Abstract]

Miszkiel, Thomas (2014) Investigating the Source of Copper in the La Plata Mountains using Copper Isotopes. [Abstract]

Mullen, Ryan (2016) Estimation of South Cascade Glacier summer mass balance derived from high-resolution satellite imagery in 2004 and 2008, Washington. [Abstract]

Mullin, Elinor (2016) Confirming Exoplanets Using the Fort Lewis Observatory. [Abstract]

Murray, Gabe (2016) Modeling and Characterization of Porous Silicon Reflectance. [Abstract]

Myers, Christine and Emmons , Dr. Nichlas and Austin , Dr. Rebecca (2014) The Political Ecology of Cultural Revitalization: A Tribal Economic Policy Analysis for Outdoor Recreation & Ecological Restoration. [Abstract]

Myers, Justin (2015) How To "Do" Philosophy: A practical guide to understanding how to “do” philosophy…. [Abstract]

Myers, Justin and Moody, Derrick (2014) Assessment of Picket Use and Standard Operating Procedures in Continental Snow Pack. [Abstract]

Ogle, Jonathan and Naglak, John and Blue-Eyes, Isaac and Miller, Collin and Baumbach, Aleph and Prentis, Peter and Smith, York R. and Smith, Ryan N. (2014) Design and Development of a Sampling Platform to Study Long Distance Seed Dispersal. [Abstract]

Ontiveros, Caleb (2014) Political Philosophy and Nonhuman Animals. [Abstract]

Opp, Eric H and Golden, Chris (2015) The Effects of Bystanders on Social Loafing in a Group Activity. [Abstract]

Ortega, Anna C and Inouye, David W and Steltzer, Heidi (2014) The effects of soil moisture availability on nectar production in three subalpine plant species of the Family Ranunculaceae. [Abstract]

Owen, Gayle and Klema, Nate and Higashi, Ty and Christofanelli, Kyle (2015) Thermal Electric Generators - a Versatile Power Source. [Abstract]

Ozvat, Tyler (2016) Natural Product Synthesis of Diarylether Cyclophanes. [Abstract]

Paces, Margo and Berg, Kelsey and Wilmer, Chelsea and McGuire, Matthew (2016) Determining Potential Glacial Refugia FOR Ostrya knowlyonii across the Southwester US as Inferred Through Chloroplast Haplotype Analysis. [Abstract]

Palmer, Wyatt (2016) Call of Duty Psychological Warfare: The Link Between Video Games and Aggression. [Abstract]

Parsons, Nina and Harmelink, Ashley and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2015) Differences in Concussion Symptoms in Males and Females. [Abstract]

Perkins, Luke (2016) The 10 AM Policy and Smoke Jumping: Setting the Stage for Disaster on America’s Public Lands 1935-1988. [Abstract]

Perry, Anne and Allen, Jessica and Burke , Brian (2016) Cognitive Reasoning and Decision Making in Regards to Personal Biases. [Abstract]

Pierce, Erin and Gulliford, Dr. Andrew and Paul, Dr. Ellen (2016) The Hopi Tribe and Peabody Energy: A History of Water Usage and Cultural Loss on Tribal Lands, 1966-2010. [Abstract]

Pinna, Nicole and Nikitina, Katia (2016) The Effects of Impulsivity on Gun and Substance Use. [Abstract]

Poole, Thomas and Simbeck, Cathy and Frazer , Lee (2016) Tension Releasing Exercises Reduce Perceived Stress in College Students. [Abstract]

Pope, Cacia and Riser, Ethan and Stapleton, Tess (2016) Characterization of a Novel Fungal Species Found on Resident Bats in Colorado; is Pseudogymnoascus destructans here? [Abstract]

Prins, Meagan (2016) An Analysis of the Development of US Foreign Policy Attitudes toward Humanitarian Intervention in the Post Cold War Era. [Abstract]

Quimby, Parker and Penry, Garrett (2014) The Role of Inflammatory Signaling Mediated Through NF-κB In Metformin Induced Apoptosis of MCF-7 Cells. [Abstract]

Rafferty, Madison (2015) E. Coli in the Animas River. [Abstract]

Raica, Kiley and Wells, Ashley and Rhodes, Gregory and Simbeck, Cathy (2016) The Effects of Different Energy Sources on Performance in the Multistage Fitness Test. [Abstract]

Rambo, Mary and Meyer, Carrie Dr. (2016) The effect of the medical model vs. the athletic model on coach satisfaction of athletic trainers. [Abstract]

Ramseth, Paul (2016) Is the Animas River Valley Prepared for a Major Flood Event?: A Look into Mitigation Strategies and Potential Consequences. [Abstract]

Ramsey, Doss (2016) Pumping Profit: Postnatural Bodies and Consumer Masculinities. [Abstract]

Raso, Amanda (2014) Terror Management Theory's Effect on Athletic Performance. [Abstract]

Reese, Caitlyn and Askeland, Gracie and Caldera, Hector and Chavez, Marlyn and Baldwin, Raina and Miller, Kenneth A. (2014) Preparation Of Drugs To Selectively Kill Cancer Cells. [Abstract]

Reese, Caitlyn M (2014) Overexpression Of The Klotho Protein In Human Epithelial Lung Cells And The Effect On Akt And P38 Mapk Concentrations In The Igf-1 Signaling Pathway: Investigating The Mechanisms Of Copd. [Abstract]

Reynolds, Jace (2015) Process Documentation: Concepts of Basic Web Theory, Design, and Development Applied to Digital Portfolio Design. [Abstract]

Ridener, Christopher (2016) Is Holistic Management a Suitable Strategy for the Landscape of the Western U.S.? [Abstract]

Robison, Ashlee and Park, Jasmine and Checkers, Marshall and Collins, William (2014) Synthesis of Glycosylated Essential Oils: Potential Protective Agents for Honey Bees. [Abstract]

Rodgers, Jacob and Miller, Mason and Lavengood, Kathryn and Lehmer, Erin M. (2014) Implications of Chronic Hantavirus Infection on the Immune System Function of Wild Deer Mice (Peromyscus maniculatus). [Abstract]

Rodriguez, Chelsea (2014) The Roots of Eugenics: Key Shifts in the Early Development of Eugenic Ideology, 1869-1883. [Abstract]

Rogers, Rachel and Sears , Dr. Sharon (2014) Immediate Effects of the Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping" on Stress Symptoms. [Abstract]

Ross, Kathryn A and Gillson, Alexandra and Houghton, Emily and Rhodes, Gregory (2016) The Metabolic Costs of Steep Incline Running v. Walking. [Abstract]

Rymer, William S. (2014) Application of the Transit Method for Exoplanet Detection. [Abstract]

Salamon, Rebecca / J and Jamie, Lee and Mouzakis, Kathryn / D (2016) Minimal RNA Sequence Requirement of the HTLV-1 gag-pro RNA Frameshift Site. [Abstract]

Salter, Nicholas (2015) Investigation of Silver Concentrations in Galena and Tetrahedrite at the Highland Mary Mine, San Juan County, Colorado. [Abstract]

Schnarch, Samuel (2106) The Effect of Superfund on Post-Industrial Communities: An Analysis of Geographic Identity. [Abstract]

Schulke, Forest and McWhorter, Alex and Dillon, Noah and Savage, Kevin and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2015) Investigation of Stroke Volume Response to Incremental Exercise in Cyclists of Varying Fitness Levels. [Abstract]

Seaney, Cassandra (2015) Digraphs of Rings. [Abstract]

Smith, Cooper G. (2015) How Men and Women Became Leopards: Comparing the Textiles and Artwork of Ҫatalhöyük, Turkey. [Abstract]

Smith, Matthew (2014) Bullies Beware; Benefits of the Boys and Girls Club. [Abstract]

Smith, Tehya and Gaffri, Codie and Primmer, Austin and Williams, Stephanie (2015) Proteomic Characterization and Cloning of Glucokinase and Phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) carboxykinase in Acidobacterium capsulatum. [Abstract]

Smith, Tucker and Brooks, Ryan and Brenner, Joesph and Heermance, David and Benally, Jeff (2015) Design of a Rocket Propellant Feed System for Flow Analysis and Visualization. [Abstract]

Souder, Jaimee (2015) Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South: Breaking from Althusser's System. [Abstract]

Speas, Caleb (2014) Our Capitalist Society Makes Mentoring Necessary. [Abstract]

Spencer, Nathan and Gonzales, David (2015) Testing Models on the Relationship of Clay Alteration and Mineralization: Bulldog Mountain Vein System, Creede, CO. [Abstract]

Spring, Atma (2015) Self-Assembly of Size Tagged Triblock Copolymer Brushes via DNA Hybridization. [Abstract]

Springmeyer, Baley (2014) Factors Relating to the National Curation Crisis: A View from Fort Lewis College. [Abstract]

Standish, Ryan and Gomez Villafane, Sofia and Troy , Meeker (2016) Validation of PerfectPhorm: A Motion Analysis Study. [Abstract]

Starbuck, Mariah and Teaman, Stephanie and Short, Craig and Steffens, Matt and Thompson, Melissa (2016) The Role of Deep Pressure Sensory Feedback During Gait. [Abstract]

Strawn, David M. (2014) Experimental Gardening for Insight to Ancestral Puebloan Life. [Abstract]

Swanson, Adam (2014) Scherzo No. 3 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 39 by Frederic Chopin (piano). [Abstract]

Taylor, Geordon (2016) The Antiquity of Language: A Review of the Evidence. [Abstract]

Thomas, Elizabeth / EAT and Lienert, Carl / CL (2015) Linearly Inclined Zealots. [Abstract]

Thompson, Alexander and Templeton , Dr. Janice (2015) Uncovering Political Psychology: An Application of Political and Social Psychological Theory as Tied to Partisan Decision Making. [Abstract]

Thompson, Eldora (2015) The Price of Yellowcake: The Ecological and Human Health Impact of Uranium Mining in Church Rock, New Mexico. [Abstract]

Thorne, Taylor (2014) An Analysis of Attainable Patterns in Alien Tiles. [Abstract]

Thornhill, Sara and Burke, Brian (2016) Predictors of College Students’ Knowledge of Gun Control Laws and Statistics. [Abstract]

Thulson, Jonathan and O'Brien, Ian and Sheridan, Grace and Fenster, Steven (2016) Characterization of CD9 as an Alternative Receptor for IL-16 Signaling in Cerebellar Granule Neurons. [Abstract]

Traversie, Paige (2015) The Effects of Exercise on Memory. [Abstract]

Traylor, Lauren (2016) Sowing the Seeds for Food Justice: A Review of Three Urban Farm and Garden Programs in Denver, CO. [Abstract]

Trippe, R. Reid and Gonzales, David and Hannula, Kimberly A. (2016) Kinematic Compatibility Analysis of the Ouray Fault, southwestern Colorado. [Abstract]

Tyler, Feldhaus, Tyler and Kenzie Hill, Kenzie (2016) The Influence of Guns on Aggressive Attitudes and Behavior. [Abstract]

Various, FLC (2014) Undergraduate Research Symposium Program Book of Abstracts 2014. [Abstract]

Vecchio, Lucas and McCauley , Ross A. (2016) Ecological Niche Modeling of the Genus Ostrya (BETULACEAE): Past, Present, and Future Range Projections in the American Southwest and Northern Latin America. [Abstract]

Verde, Molly and Royer, Ryan and Goetz, Scott and Chamblee, Lindsay and Henry, Demetrius and Toledo, Will (2016) Project Armeise: An altitude/azimuthal multi-camera mount for high altitude atmospheric research. [Abstract]

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