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Allard, Whitney and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2010) The Effects of Polymem Sportswrap® on Neurological Sensation. [Abstract]

Allen, Wai K. (2011) Relationships Between Large Woody Debris and Sediment Loading of Warner Creek, NY. [Abstract]

Andersen, Colton (2011) Conversion of a Propane Burner to Burn Biogas. [Abstract]

Andreas, Karlie C. and Burke , Brian (2011) Death and Soccer: How Terror Management Affects Player Perceptions of Aggression. [Abstract]

Angst, Anya (2009) Analysis of Mercury Bonding and Concentration In Soils From the Missionary Ridge Burn Area, Near Durango, CO. [Abstract]

Anguiano, Randy (2009) A Game of Chutes And Ladders as a Markov Chain. [Abstract]

Aronoff, Matt and Roser, Claire and Stephenson, Cody and Smith, Dr. Christine (2011) Quantification of the ADE2-TEL Gene Expression in S. Cervisiae Mutants. [Abstract]

Aronoff, Matthew and Miller, Kenny (2011) Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Antiviral Natural Product Sattabacin. [Abstract]

Aronoff, Matthew R. and Miller , Dr. Kenneth A. (2010) A Green, Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Antiviral Natural Product Sattabacin. [Abstract]

Askelson, Kaitlin L. (2013) Kinematic Modeling of the Rampart Range Fault, Colorado Springs, Colorado. [Abstract]

Atherton, Frank and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2012) Testing Goalkeeper Techniques for Saving Penalty Kicks. [Abstract]

Austin, Rita and Friedman, Joseph and Gregoricka, Lesley and Ullinger, Jaime and Sheridan, Susan (2013) Whet Your Apatite: A Dietary Reconstruction Using Stable Carbon Istopes From Human Tooth Enamel at Tell Dothan. [Abstract]

Baker, Jeffrey (2010) Ropes Courses Help Build Group Cohesion, Resulting in More Effective Group Endeavors. [Abstract]

Baker, Kenneth (2011) Lower Animas River Water Quality: An Assessment. [Abstract]

Begaye, Ashlee and Hutchins, Ginny (2009) Analysis of Antimicrobial Activity of Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium). [Abstract]

Bell, Kristina and Sears , Dr. Sharon and Bolton, Suzanne (2013) Evaluation of "Steps to Surgical Success:" An Integrative Medicine Program to Manage Pain and Anxiety Related to Surgery. [Abstract]

Bennett-Begaye, Jourdan and Meyer, Carrie (2013) The Effectiveness of Communication Mediums on Concussion Education. [Abstract]

Bobb, Justin and Kenny , Dr. Ray (2009) Digital Cartography and a Preliminary Assessment of Morphology and Safety: Gallina Cave, Northern New Mexico. [Abstract]

Bodelson, Caitlin and Kraus, Sue (2009) What Others See: Bipolar Disorder in the Eyes of Society. [Abstract]

Bohana, Max (2011) Hydraulic Modeling of a Gravity Flow Water System. [Abstract]

Bojan, Adam and Kenny , Dr. Ray (2013) An 18-KA Glacial Lake Outburst Flood From Glacial Lake Durango: Southern San Juan Mountains, Colorado. [Abstract]

Boley, Melissa and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. and Kenny , Dr. Ray (2011) Dam Release And Monsoon Controlled Recharge and Drawdown of Riparian Aquifers, Dolores River, Colorado. [Abstract]

Bombaci, Sara P. and Korb, Julie (2010) The Effects of Sudden Aspen Decline on Avian Biodiversity in Southwestern Colorado. [Abstract]

Bonfiglio, Chelsea Caterino (2010) A Comparison of Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Fasting Blood Glucose as Indicators of Insulin Resistance in Native American Students. [Abstract]

Brandt, Luke and Holland-Gray, Heidi and Wagner, Grace (2013) Student Enrollment Forecasting. [Abstract]

Brimm, Colin and Burke , Brian (2010) Memetics, Terror Management Theory, and Female Mate Selection. [Abstract]

Brown, Erin and Lehmer, Erin M. (2009) A Comparative Study of Aquatic Invertebrates and Water Quality of the Animas River, the Los Pinos River and the La Plata River. [Abstract]

Brown, Harrison and Silva, Bobby (2013) The Acute Effect of Heel to Toe Drops on Running Economy. [Abstract]

Buckner, Jennifer and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2009) The Affect of Stress on the Frequency and Severity of Hot Flashes Experienced by Postmenopausal Women. [Abstract]

Burns, Amelia and McLean, Nellie and Paddock, Sherry A. and Simpkiss, Alena G. and Sommerville , Dr. Les (2012) Development of Q-PCR Technique for Determining Bartonella Infection in Wild Deer Mice (Peromyscus maniculatus). [Abstract]

Burns, Amelia and Smith, Christine (2011) Mutations at the H2B:H4 Interface of the Yeast Nucleosome Alter Expression of a Telomeric ADE2 Gene. [Abstract]

Burns, Amelia and Smith , Dr. Christine (2010) Mutational Analysis of the H2B:H4 Interface of the Nucleosome. [Abstract]

Butler, Travis and Dettmer, Lance and Halley, Brandon and Alexander, Garret and May, Dr. Don (2013) Reservoir Bypass Design Group. [Abstract]

Cammack, Jake and Gonzales, David (2011) New Insight Into Volatile Sources and Magmatic Processes of Ultrapotassic Rocks in the Navajo Volcanic Field From Chlorine Isotopes and Chlorine-fluorine Trends. [Abstract]

Campbell, Benjamin (2011) Electric Field Harvesting. [Abstract]

Candelaria, Laura (2012) Changes in the Relationship between Humans and Bees. [Abstract]

Carrillo, Taylor and Gutierrez, David (2012) Psychological vs. Physiological: The Effects of Music in a 30-Min Treadmill Run. [Abstract]

Carroll, Gerard Mike (2009) Coordination Chemistry Of Group 6 Tetracarbonyl Compounds With P,P’-1,4-Diphosphacyclohexane; A Rigid Bidentate Molecule. [Abstract]

Carroll, Gerard Mike (2009) Lighting up the Future: An in Depth Look Into Quantum Dots and Their Application in Bio-medical Imaging. [Abstract]

Carré-Burrit, Asa and Goffinett, Quinton and Goodwin, A. W. and Huffman, Spencer and Surta, Todd and Collins , Dr. William R. (2013) Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Tetracationic Iodonium Macrocycles. [Abstract]

Cavanaugh, Kevin and Smith , Dr. Christine (2010) Quantification of Lysine Acetylation in Histones Isolated From Yeast Strains Lacking a Specific HAT or HDAC. [Abstract]

Cayatineto, Tracey L. (2010) Social Networking: A Buffer Against Death Anxiety. [Abstract]

Chapman, Micah (2012) Remote Use Incubator: Heating Components. [Abstract]

Chapo, Kayla and Joe, Miriam and Banker , Rosanna and Smith , Dr. Christine (2011) Creating Nucleosomes In Vitro: Large-scale Expression Of Histone H3. [Abstract]

Conde, Zach (2011) Southwest Colorado River Protection with the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the Wilderness Act. [Abstract]

Connelly, Angelica J. and Gianniny, Gary L. (2012) The Initial Flooding of the Paradox Basin; The Sequence Stratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian (Atokan) Pinkerton Trail Formation, San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado. [Abstract]

Cornell, Emily and Bangert, Sarah and Fullmer, Grace and Daly, Kathryn and Remke, Michael and Sienicki, Esmé and Steltzer , Dr. Heidi and Korb , Dr. Julie (2013) Early Snow Melt Effects on Soil Nitrogen Availability in the Alpine of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado. [Abstract]

Cox, K.D. and Kean, Jason W. and Coe, Jeffrey A. and Smith, Joel B. and McCoy, Scott W. and Kenny, Dr. Ray (2013) Controls on Rockfall Production: Chalk Cliffs, Buena Vista, Colorado. [Abstract]

Crain, Caleb (2013) Melodic Alleviation: Disrupting Alzheimer's Through Song. [Abstract]

Cranston, Benjamin M. and Helm, Monte L. (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of P,P’-1,4-Diphospha-Cyclohexane Derivatives and Their Metal Coordination Reactions. [Abstract]

Cruickshank, Christi and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2009) A True Adventure: An Examination Into How Flow Can Be Attributed to Skiing and Snowboarding Experiences. [Abstract]

Culbertson, Amos (2011) Paleoclimate and Sequence Stratigraphy of Multistory Paleosols: Honaker Trail Formation, Southeast Utah. [Abstract]

Cumbie, Brooke and Korb, Julie (2011) Arbuscular And Ecto-mycorrhizal Propagule Densities In Various Levels Of Sudden Aspen Decline, In Southwest Colorado. [Abstract]

Cunningham, Taylor and Juenheimer, Alexis and Feulling, Karli and Gauley, Krystal and Gorman, Jamie (2013) The Effects of a Positive or Negative News Story on Mood. [Abstract]

Dahlke, Josh and Smith, Christine and Blake , David (2011) Quantification of Acetylation in Histones H3 & H4 Isolated From Human Lung Epithelial Cells. [Abstract]

Dahlke, Joshua and Regnery, Christopher and Miller , Dr. Kenneth A. (2012) Synthesis of Sattabacin, Sattazolin, and Structural Analogs and Evaluation of Antiviral Activity. [Abstract]

Dalbey, Jacob and Gonzales, David (2011) Implications of Chemical Signatures in Apatite From Ultrapotassic to Potassic Rocks of the Navajo Volcanic Field. [Abstract]

Daly, K. M. and Steltzer, Heidi (2012) Lepidoptera Larvae as an Indicator of Multi-Trophic Level Responses to Changing Seasonality in an Arctic Tundra Ecosystem. [Abstract]

DeBauche, Spencer and Ziemke, Michael K. (2011) Investigating Whether Htz.1 is Located at The ADE2-tel Gene in S. Cerevisiae Strain UCC1371. [Abstract]

DeSouchet, Aimee L. and Doty, Trevor S. and Miller, Dr. Kenneth A. (2013) Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Antiviral Natural Product (+)- Sattazolin. [Abstract]

Deacon, Erica and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2010) The Effect of Instruction and Demonstration on the Illinois Agility Test. [Abstract]

Dillard, Shannon and Miller , Dr. Kenneth A. (2012) C-H Insertion of Diazoglycines – A Novel Approach to Unnatural Amino Acids. [Abstract]

Durgin, Erik (2011) Sustainable Urban Building: Technologies of Today and the Possibilities of Tomorrow. [Abstract]

Eichhorn, Tucker (2011) Correlation Between Functional Testing and Lower Extremity Injuries in NCAA Division II Men Soccer Players. [Abstract]

Engbring, Jered (2011) Water Flow Restrictor for Use in EWB Water Systems. [Abstract]

Engleman, Jenny (2011) Functionalism and Rock Art in Africa, Australia, and the American Southwest. [Abstract]

Esparza, Edward and Hackler, Coral (2009) Genius: Individual Phenomenon or Social Phenomenon? [Abstract]

Fagerlin, Veniece A. and Meyer , Dr. Carrie (2013) High Intensity Interval Training as a Means to Reduce Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. [Abstract]

Fidel, Joseph and Kendall , Dr. Deborah (2013) The Effects of Tamarix on Species Diversity in Formicidae Along the Dolores River, Big Gypsum Valley, Colorado. [Abstract]

Finn, Wade (2012) The Functional Landscape of Rafting in Durango. [Abstract]

Ford, Kelli (2009) The Pigg Site: A Preliminary Detailed Architectural Analysis at a Room Block Level. [Abstract]

Foster, Aaron E. (2011) Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: An Investigation of Mood and Time Perception. [Abstract]

Fulton, Rica (2013) Colorado River Basin Allocation in the Era of Climate Change: The Role of GIS for Water Conservation Management. [Abstract]

Garbarino, Tess and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2011) The Effects of Yoga on Novice Students. [Abstract]

Garcia, JaNell E., and Peterson, Hedy and George, Audrey and Kraus , Dr. Sue (2010) The Effects of Religiosity and Spirituality on Guilt and Self-esteem. [Abstract]

Getabecha, Heyaw (2011) Preservation of Place. [Abstract]

Ghachu, Joni and McLean, Nellie A. and Hart, Lacey and O’Brien, Colleen and Wright, Kimberly and Donnely, Samantha and Hileman, Sarah T. and Herring, Elizabeth and Jones, Zack and McCarthy, Amanda and Lehmer, Erin M. (2011) Does Natural Disturbance Impact Zoonotic Disease Prevalence: A Test of the Dilution Effect Hypothesis in the Deer Mouse – Sin Nombre Virus System. [Abstract]

Goncalves, Aaron and Gonzales, David (2010) New Insight Into the Controls on Platinum-group Element Mineralization in the Allard Stock, La Plata Mountains, Southwestern Colorado. [Abstract]

Goodwin, Andrew W. L. and Helm, Monte L. (2012) Synthesis and Characterization Of Chromium (III) Complexes Of Cis-P-P’-Diphenyl-1,4-Diphospha-Cyclohexane for Linear Alpha Olefin Catalysis. [Abstract]

Gordon-Blake, Jesse and Charley, Phillida and McDaniel, Allex and Mujica, Mayda and Regnery, Chris and Smith, Justine and Sommerville , Dr. Les (2012) Development of a Cloning Procedure for Triose Phosphate Isomerase, Phosphofructokinas E, and Transaldolase Genes from Acidobacterium Capsulatum. [Abstract]

Gottlieb, Luke (2011) The Environmental Effects of Road Salts: A Focus on Magnesium Chloride And Durango, CO. [Abstract]

Griffin, Sarah (2013) Environmental History of River Restoration in Grand Canyon National Park. [Abstract]

Haag, Caleb (2013) Extension of Tight Frames in Rn. [Abstract]

Haase, Cristin B. (2013) The Production of TNF-a by RAW 264.7 Macrophage Cells as a Result of Exposure to Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans. [Abstract]

Halm, Jeremy (2013) Gardens as Places of Therapy & Education. [Abstract]

Hanna, Rachael and Hutchins, Ginny (2009) Effects of Sodium Nitrite on Xenopus Tadpoles. [Abstract]

Hanson, Reece and Hannula, Kimberly A. (2012) 3D Strain and Relative Viscosity of Clasts in the Vallecito Conglomerate, SW Colorado. [Abstract]

Hardrick, Christopher (2011) Three-channel Design Electric Field Change Sensor. [Abstract]

Hargett, Jessica R. and Burke , Brian (2011) Mortal Self-portraits: How Terror Management Affects Judgments of Self and Other. [Abstract]

Hargett, Nina Dakota (2009) Solar Heat to Chemical Fuels. [Abstract]

Hart, Lacey and Ghachu, Joni and McLean, Nellie A. and O’Brien, Colleen and Wright, Kimberly and Donnely, Samantha and Hileman, Sarah T. and Herring, Elizabeth and Jones, Zack and McCarthy, Amanda and Lehmer, Erin M. (2011) Examining the Roles of Environmental Factors on the Prevalence of Sin Nombre Virus: Sudden Aspen Decline to Ambient Ground Temperature. [Abstract]

Hartle, Logan and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. and Dott, Dr. Cynthia E. (2013) The Effects of Lake Powell on Sediment Aggradation in the Lower Reaches of the San Juan. [Abstract]

Harvey, Audrey (2011) Tribal Governments and Green Economies. [Abstract]

Harwood, Stephanie L. (2010) Evaluating the Potential for Culture Change After a Disaster: An Anthropological Perspective. [Abstract]

Hatfield, Stacie (2009) Determinants of Cultural Sensitivity in Middle School Students. [Abstract]

Haubert, Kassandra and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2013) Correlation between Functional Screening and Injuries Sustained in NCAA 1 Athletes. [Abstract]

Hayduke, David (2010) Discerning Which Video Game Genre Utilized as a Therapeutic Tool for Treating Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease is the Most Effective. [Abstract]

Heins, Spencer and Aronoff, Matthew (2011) Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Antiviral Natural Products Sattabacin, 4-hydroxysattabacin and Sattazolin. [Abstract]

Hencmann, David and Riggs , Chuck and Mulhern, Dawn (2012) From the World to the Next: New Perspectives on Native American Oral Histories and Archaeological Data as Evidence for Nautical Migration to the Americas. [Abstract]

Hensley, Bryan (2009) Measurement and Analysis of Sprite Temporal and Spatial Morphology. [Abstract]

Hess, Lindsay and McCauley , Dr. Ross A. (2013) Characterizing Hybridization Between Canis Familiaris and Canis Lupus Through Genetic Analysis Using Microsatellite DNA Data. [Abstract]

Hofferber, Jeffrey and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2011) Effects of Rapid Rehydration on Exercise Induced Dehydration: A Comparison Between Water and Gatorade. [Abstract]

Hollinbeck, Mesa and Ballantyne, Rachel and Williams, Laurie and Shuler, Phil (2009) Sustainable Biodigester - Cook Stove - Fertilizer System to Promote Community Well-being for Indigenous People of Ecuador. [Abstract]

Hollinbeck, Mesa (2010) Biogas in Ecuadorian Highlands. [Abstract]

Holman, Ed and Robinson, Josh and Revard, Justin and Wiegand, Tyler and Baker, Adam (2013) Flow Visualization and Data Acquisition of Transparent Rocket Exhaust. [Abstract]

Holmes, Olive and Doney, Danielle (2009) High or Low Risk? Sexual Health Knowledge, Risk Perception & Behavior Among College Students. [Abstract]

Holnback, Clinton and Gonzales, David (2009) A Study of Minette Lamprophyre Dikes in the Mount Wilson Quadrangle, Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado: Assessing a Possible Connection to the Navajo Volcanic Field. [Abstract]

Hooper, Garrett (2013) Adolescent Susceptibility to Substance Use. [Abstract]

Hosler, Daniel (2012) Structural Analysis of the Williams Fork Mountains: Subsurface Analysis near Craig, Colorado. [Abstract]

Howard, Phil (2013) Comparing the Life Cycle of Consumer Shopping Bags. [Abstract]

Hull, Kortney and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2011) Prophylactic Ibuprofen Use in Comparison to a Placebo in Division II Football Players. [Abstract]

Hurd, Nathaniel and Williams, Tracey (2013) Cloning the Triose Phosphate Isomerase Gene From A. Cap to E. Coli. [Abstract]

Jagger, Cory and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2010) Effects of an Olympic Lifting Program Compared to a Resistance Lifting Program on 40 Yard Dash Times. [Abstract]

Jara Molinar, Edlin and Dahm, Heather and Byrd, Shere (2010) A Comparison of Serum TNF-α Concentrations in Native American and BMI-matched Caucasian Students at Fort Lewis College. [Abstract]

Johnson, Heather and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2011) Relationship Between Eating Behaviors and Stress. [Abstract]

Johnson, Samantha and Meinking, Hannah (2010) Nutritional Factors Comparing Predisposition to the Development of Insulin-resistance in Native Americans & Caucasian College Students. [Abstract]

Johnson, Summer Inez (2009) Indian Gaming: Gambling on Native American Cultures. [Abstract]

Johnson, Zachary (2013) Climate Change and Forest Fires in the Western United States. [Abstract]

Johnston, Wade and Gonzales, David (2009) A Geologic Assessment of the Silver Cloud Mine, Red Mountain Mining District, San Juan County, Colorado. [Abstract]

Jones, Sarah A. and Lindsey, J. Page (2009) Prevalence of MRSA in the Community. [Abstract]

Keaveny, Ellen and Korb, Julie (2012) The Effects of Various Sudden Aspen Decline Intensities on Understory Microclimate and Plant Biomass in Southwest Colorado. [Abstract]

Keisling, Hayden (2013) Strength Comparisons of Knotted and Un-Knotted Dyneema. [Abstract]

Kelly, Crystal (2011) Development in Navajo Nation. [Abstract]

Kelly, Mike (2012) Sifting Through Time: Screening in Today’s Archaeology. [Abstract]

Ketchum, Sunny and Trujillo, Pariss and Broad, Amanda (2013) Cloning and Expression of a Putative Transaldolase Gene From Acidobacterium Capsulatum Into E. Coli. [Abstract]

Ketchum, Sunny and Trujillo, Pariss and Knewitz, Allison and McLain, Katherine and Sommerville , Dr. Les (2012) Characterization of Acidobacterium Capsulatum Growth in Minimal Media Containing Glucose as a Single Carbon Source. [Abstract]

Kinlicheene, Bryanna and Nemiec, Heather and Fred, Melissa and Wolfe, Libby and Templeton , Dr. Janice (2013) Perceptions of Disabilities. [Abstract]

Kirby, Jesse and Musselman, Amber and Kraus, Sue (2009) Exercising The Right: Influences on Young New Voters. [Abstract]

Kraushaar, Benjamin S. and Craddock, John and Malone, Dave (2012) The Timing and Emplacement of the Heart Mountain Detachment at White Mountain and Silvergate, Wyoming: Detritial Zircon and Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility Analysis. [Abstract]

Kraushaar, Sabina (2011) U/PB Ages of Detrital Zircons From the Archean Jardine Metasedimentary Sequence; Northern Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. [Abstract]

Krening, Evan and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2011) Correlation Between Sprint Form and T-test Speed. [Abstract]

Krider, Jordan (2012) Therapeutic Geology: The Effect of Geologic Mapping on At-Risk and Underprivileged Youth. [Abstract]

Kugel, Max (2009) Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Alpine Water Samples Collected Near Silverton, Colorado: Implication For Natural Terrestrial Sequestration of Carbon. [Abstract]

Landers, Rae Ann (2010) Genetic and Morphological Analysis of Quercus Welshii: A Test of Hypothesized Hybrid Origin. [Abstract]

Lang, Jordan (2012) How to Transform Your Green Lawn into a Green Thumb: A Model for Animas Valley, Colorado. [Abstract]

Lash, Miranda and Styers, Savannah and Kraus , Dr. Sue (2013) Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar: Perceptions of Counseling. [Abstract]

Lavengood, Kathryn and Yeager, Chris and Kersten, Michael and Clancy, Nate and Graham, Timothy and Shoemaker, Christopher and Lehmer , Dr. Erin (2013) Why is the Four Corners Region a "Hot Spot" for Human Infection with Hantavirus? [Abstract]

Lee, Kristara (2011) Bernoulli Numbers: Development and Applications. [Abstract]

Liessmann, Nicholle and Murphy, Elizabeth and Pawlikowski, Stephanie and Hooper, Garrettson and Spishock, Ashley and Storck, Heather and Sears , Dr. Sharon (2013) The Effects of Implied vs. Explicit Sexual Orientation of Instructor Evaluations from College Students. [Abstract]

Lindstrom, Mary Lou and Thogerson, Colleen E. and Sommerville , Dr. Les (2011) Determination of the Involvement of Aldolase in the Glycolytic Pathway of Acidobacterium Capsulatum Through GC-MS And 13C-NMR Spectroscopic Analysis. [Abstract]

Linville, Sara (2010) Geometric Constructions. [Abstract]

Lowry, Daniel James and Tyler, Craig (2010) Investigating Elemental Abundances in the Crab Nebula to Determine Properties of the Presupernova Star. [Abstract]

MacAulay, Allison and Lowell, Ian and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2012) The Effects of Controlled Hyperventilation on Co2 Exhalation and Blood pH on Anaerobically Trained Athletes on the Treadmill and Rowing Ergometer. [Abstract]

Mackey, Katie and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2010) The Effect of Gender and Age on Hamstrings to Quadriceps Ratios and Core Strength Among Youth Soccer Players. [Abstract]

Mancha, Serena and Miller , Kenneth and Blake , David (2013) Sattabacin Inhibits Replication of the Varicella Zoster Virus in Human Fibroblast Cells. [Abstract]

Matt, Stephen (2009) Chimney Rock: A Cultural Ecological Model of Adaptation. [Abstract]

Mauger, Greg (2011) Decentralized Electricity Grids: A Tool for Increasing Energy Efficiency and National Security While Empowering Local Economies. [Abstract]

Mayer-Gawlik, Shane (2009) Binary Variable Star Algol. [Abstract]

McCallum, Timothy D. and Kenny , Dr. Ray (2013) Preliminary Characterization of Soil Properties: Florida River Landslide Complex, La Plata County, Colorado. [Abstract]

McGrath, Nathan (2009) A Firefighters Personal Case Study of an Explosion From a Trauma Perspective. [Abstract]

McGrath, Patrick and Brooks, Robert (2009) EMG Activity in Muscle Due to Varying Resistance Loads When Controlling for Movement Velocity. [Abstract]

McLean, Nellie A. and Kelly, Ashley and Molinar, Edlin and Ghachu, Joni and Hart, Laci and O’Brien, Colleen and Wright, Kimberly and Lehmer , Dr. Erin (2011) How Can Hantaviruses Kill Humans But Leave Mice Unaffected: An Evaluation of the Immune Response of Deer Mice to Sin Nombre Virus. [Abstract]

McNeeley, Caitlyn (2012) The Effect of Mortality Salience on Life Goals: Do Bucket Lists Change? [Abstract]

Medina, Rachel B. (2013) An Analysis of GPS and Remote Sensing Data of Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, During the July 2003 Dome Collapse: Implications for Detection of Ash Plumes and Vertical Deformation. [Abstract]

Megli, Danielle and Taylor, Chris and Hurley, Will and Templeton , Dr. Janice (2011) Perceived Restorativeness Scale: Influences of Type of Environment on Attentional Restoration. [Abstract]

Meighan, John (2012) Researching Ways to Reduce Black Bear/Human Conflict in Urban Environments. Environmental Studies. [Abstract]

Michael II, Stanley Cordell (2013) The Policies of La Plata Electric Association and Tri State Generation & Transmission: Hindering Solar Energy Production. [Abstract]

Middlebrook, Earl and Sommerville, Les (2010) Glucose Metabolism, Cloning And Expression of Phosphofructokinase-1 From Acidobacterium Capsulatum. [Abstract]

Mooney, Travis (2010) Microhydroelectric Resource Development. [Abstract]

Moore, Michelle K. and Burke , Brian (2012) The Effect of Mortality Salience on Political Attitudes: The Influence of Positive Psychology. [Abstract]

Morris, Zelda R. and Holmes, Olive and Kraus , Dr. Sue and Sears , Dr. Sharon (2011) Self Reported Benefits of Aikido: A Phenomenological Study of Aikido Training in High School Students. [Abstract]

Mullen, Dean and Klema, Matthew and Tsinnijinnie, Ty and Mielke, Matt and Luck, Ben (2013) Micro-Hydroelectric System Design. [Abstract]

Mullins, Lisa Marie (2011) Climate Change and Sustainability in National Parks. [Abstract]

Myers, Drew (2012) Facebook as an Agent of Culture Change through Individuals, Communities and Politics. [Abstract]

Newbold, Kristi (2010) Postural Sway at Varying Heights: Athletes Versus Non-athletes. [Abstract]

Oliver, Christopher G. (2010) Design of a Low Cost, Field Constructed Pipe Entrance to Improve Flow Capacity. [Abstract]

Omer, Steve (2011) GPS Time Integration in Support of VLF Lightning Research - A Project Focused on Time-stamping a Live Data-stream. [Abstract]

Osborn, Tom and Gonzales, David (2010) Insight Into Controls on Precious-metals Mineralization in the May Day Mine, La Plata Mining District, Southwestern Colorado. [Abstract]

Ostler, Melanie (2011) Baile Folklorico De Durango: Initiating Cultural Transmission Through Performance. [Abstract]

Parke, RJ and Harris, Andy and Sommerville , Dr. Les (2012) Quantification and Purity Assessment of Acidobacterium capsulatum Using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction to Amplify the 16 S Ribosomal Gene. [Abstract]

Pennebaker, Julia (2011) Determining Structures That Control Groundwater Flow in San Juan Mountain Karst Aquifers Using Fluorescent Dye Tracer. [Abstract]

Perry, Edmund (2011) Relative Dating of the Faults Within The Pennsylvanian Hermosa Group, Coal Bank Pass – Molas Pass, San Juan Mountains, Colorado. [Abstract]

Pesata, Anne (2012) Addressing the Jicarilla Apache Housing Crisis: Options for Sustainable Community Development. [Abstract]

Peterson, Brent and Lehmer, Erin M. (2009) Human Encroachment on Elk Winter Ranges in The La Plata Mountain Region of Southwestern, Colorado Where Migration is Obligatory. [Abstract]

Phillips, Kathryn A. (2011) Performance Analysis of Perforated Pipe Water Intake Structure. [Abstract]

Phipps, Lucas A. and Lindsey, J. Page (2009) Effects of Phytostabilization Soil Ammendment Application Techniques. [Abstract]

Pike, Jeremy and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. and Dott, Cynthia E. (2012) The Interaction of Monsoonal Precipitation and River Discharge on Riparian Aquifer Recharge along the Impounded Dolores River, Southwestern Colorado, 2011. [Abstract]

Polak, Jeff (2012) Food Security in La Plata County, Colorado. [Abstract]

Poole, Ashton (2010) The Testing and Feasibility of Piezoelectric-excited Millimeter-sized Cantilevers to Detect Pathogenic Strains of Escherichia Coli in Third World Water Sources. [Abstract]

Posey, Jacob (2011) Linear Transformations on Torus. [Abstract]

Posner, Gabby and Skiles, Sheryl and Sova, Lindsay and Sears , Dr. Sharon (2011) The Relationship of Extraversion Rating on Social Life: Facebook Vs. Real Life Interactions. [Abstract]

Posner, Gabrielle and Megli, Danielle and Taylor, Chris and Templeton , Dr. Janice (2011) Elaborating Understandings: Investigating Reasons for Seeking Nature. [Abstract]

Powell, Meghan and Meyer, Dr. Carrie (2009) The Effects of Environment and Fatigue on The Balance Error Scoring System and The Standardized Assessment of Concussion in Intercollegiate Football and Soccer Athletes. [Abstract]

Powers, Breanna and Dott, Cynthia E. (2010) Changes in Vegetation Over Time Below the McPhee Dam, Dolores River, Colorado. [Abstract]

Powers, Danny J. and Gianniny, Dr. Gary L. (2010) Microbial Carbonate Buildups of the Basal Akah Salt Interval, Western Paradox Basin. [Abstract]

Puls, Matthew T. (2010) Lightning Detector and the Study of Sprites. [Abstract]

Rabideaux, Nathan (2010) Millennial-Scale Climate Variability During Warm and Cold Periods of The Late-pleistocene (~250-350 Ka) in the Subtropical North Atlantic. [Abstract]

Ramsey, Charles D. (2011) The Effects of High Stress Video Games on Fit and Sedentary Individuals. [Abstract]

Rappé, Mollie and Jones, Jill and Smith , Dr. Christine (2009) Characterization of a Yeast Histone G13A Mutant Strain That ‘Escapes’ Gene Silencing. [Abstract]

Redmond, Katey and Bennett, Sara and Santo, Dr. Ava (2012) Health Discrimination and Perception of Individuals with Medical and Mental Needs. [Abstract]

Reed, Melissa (2013) Medicinal Plants and Overharvesting. [Abstract]

Riegel, Justen and Dott, Cynthia E. (2010) Changes in Age Class Distribution of Salmo Trutta Due to Disease and Flow Trends in the Dolores River Since the Construction of McPhee Dam. [Abstract]

Robbins, Asa (2010) What Constitutes Native American Identity? [Abstract]

Robbins, Jesse (2009) Landscape and Memory Archaeology Creating a Sense of Place in Time. [Abstract]

Schendel, Matthew (2010) Genetic and Morphological Evidence of Gene Flow Among Oaks (Quercus) in the Four Corners Region. [Abstract]

Schnee, Nicole and Lehmer, Erin M. (2009) Water for the World, Testing the Effectiveness of Homemade Water Filters at Removing Disease Causing Bacteria. [Abstract]

Schreibvogel, Dana and Knight-Maloney, Melissa (2012) Balance Exercises in the Elderly and the Affect on Balance Test Scores. [Abstract]

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