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Addoms, James (2010) "For the Love of Her Son". [Poetry]

Ahkeah, Shawn (2010) "Canyon de Chelle". [Image]

Ahkeah, Shawn (2010) "Sunflowers". [Image]

Alber, Rachel (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]

Allen, Kayla (2010) "Aspen Trees and Winter". [Poetry]

Amendariz, Victoria (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]

Andrus, Ben (2010) "Fire Dancers". [Image]

Armstrong, Katie J. (2010) "Bird". [Poetry]


Bahozhoni, Jordin (2008) Reverse the Longevity. [Poetry]

Baumbach, Hari (2011) {untitled} [Photograph]. [Image]

Biegelsen, Emily (2010) "New York Pigeon". [Image]

Blakenbuehler, Paige (2010) "Ode to Confusion-Causing Delirium". [Poetry]

Bolsinger, Chad (2013) Untitled 1 [Artwork]. [Image]

Bolsinger, Chad (2013) Untitled 2 [artwork]. [Image]

Bolsinger, Chad (2013) Untitled 3 [image]. [Image]

Bredeson, Carmen (2013) Red Fury. [Poetry]

Breunig, Austin (2013) Fat Tire [Photograph]. [Image]

Breunig, Austin (2013) In The Cleft [Photograph]. [Image]

Brooks, Clayton (2013) CYMK [Artwork]. [Image]

Brown, Garrett (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]


Cheadle, Evan (2014) Red. [Fiction]

Class-Erickson, Lydiah (2014) The Summons. [Fiction]

Colson, Ian William (2010) "Evening Comes Early". [Poetry]

Crona, Anna (2013) "The Question of Ape Culture". [Essay or Creative Nonfiction]


Dahlman, Liz (2013) The Graceful Predator [Image]. [Image]

Decker, D. Linnea (2008) Recycling Identity. [Poetry]

Devine, Reid (2008) Orion's Garden. [Image]

Doenges, Meghan (2014) The Juniper Jury. [Poetry]


Edwards, Cody (2010) "Pond Lily". [Image]

Egner, Alena (2013) Red Tree [Artwork]. [Image]


Fields, Amanda J. (2010) "The Little Elk-Hide Moccasin". [Fiction]

Fitzgerald, Janine (2008) My Beautiful Black Rainbow. [Poetry]

Fujita, Rise (2014) Welai. [Image]


Galvin, Morgan (2014) Lake And Mountain. [Image]

Galvin, Morgan (2014) Untitled. [Image]

Glotstein, Tim (2013) Morning. [Poetry]

Glover, Kiara (2013) Untitled 2 [Photograph]. [Image]

Glover , Kiara (2013) Untitled 1 [Photograph]. [Image]

Glover , Kiara (2013) Untitled 3 [Photograph]. [Image]

Govreau, Brian S. (2010) "Call me Ishmael". [Poetry]

Green, Carolann M. (2010) "{Untitled}". [Poetry]

Grey, Sage (2011) "Almost Me, Now Free". [Essay or Creative Nonfiction]

Griffin, Fleet (2014) Cosmic Driver. [Fiction]

Griffin, Fleet (2014) Syd In Space. [Fiction]


Hahn, Tayler (2013) Magnolia [Artwork]. [Image]

Halterman, Eli J. (2010) "There Are Mansions in Your Eyes". [Poetry]

Hampton, Sophia (2014) Discworld. [Image]

Hampton, Sophia (2014) Dragon Skull. [Image]

Haralson, David H. (2010) "{Untitled}". [Poetry]

Harmon, Jessica (2008) Pomegranate. [Poetry]

Harper III, Marion O. (2010) "Poolchatti Kids". [Image]

Hoffmann, Meredith (2013) Durango Nights. [Poetry]

Hooson, Livia (2010) "Infant of the Earth". [Poetry]

Hooson, Livia (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]

Hopkins, Courtland (2014) Haiku History, 1870. [Poetry]

Hopkins, Courtland (2013) The Song of the Light People. [Poetry]


Jackson, Richard (2008) Day and Night. [Poetry]

Jade, Tiffany (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]

Jade, Tiffany (2010) {Untitled} Photo/Portrait. [Image]

Jim, Keith J. (2010) "Events that Never Took Place" [an excerpt]. [Fiction]

Johnston, Graeme (2014) Cynthia Velasquez. [Image]

Jordan, Rebecca (2010) "{Untitled}". [Poetry]


Kinslow, Chrissy N (2014) RED. [Image]

Klema, Julia (2008) There is a long strip of desert. [Poetry]

Knight, Sara L. (2010) "A Picture of Kerouac". [Poetry]

Kramer, Sasha (2014) Sunset At The Beach. [Image]


LAING, CONOR (2014) Philosophy of a Tire. [Poetry]

Landon, John (2013) Little Rags of Thought. [Poetry]

Landon, Jonathan (2014) Stained Glass Wisdom. [Poetry]

Lauer, Catherine L. (2010) "Why I Stare at Coke Cans". [Poetry]

Lay, Matt (2014) Abstract In Color. [Image]

Lay, Matt (2014) Cologne Cathedral. [Image]

Lay, Matt (2014) Colorado Mountains. [Image]

Lewis, Jessica (2013) A Day of Me. [Poetry]

Lewis , Jessica (2013) We Would Not be Broken. [Fiction]

Lichorowicz, Ewa (2014) Asiatic Black Bear. [Image]

Lichorowicz, Ewa (2014) Women In Jaipur. [Image]

Lohsman, Laire (2010) "Selected Haiku". [Poetry]


Maley, Falina C. (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]

Maloney, Jesse (2010) "Emergency". [Poetry]

Marshall, Checker (2013) Transformation. [Poetry]

Masse, Bryan (2010) "The Foundation". [Image]

McBain, Marybeth (2010) "Admiring My Father, the Fisherman". [Image]

Meckley, Benjamin (2008) Act IV. [Poetry]

Meckley, Benjamin (2008) Erosion. [Poetry]

Meer, Ryan (2013) Co-Workers. [Fiction]

Meer , Ryan (2013) Tides. [Fiction]

Mohrbacher, James (2010) "Sunset Durango". [Image]

Moore, Ryan (2010) {Untitled}. [Image]


Nez, Shaina A. (2014) Identity-theft. [Poetry]

Novack, Jennifer (2010) "Why Superman is My Hero". [Poetry]


O'Hare, Theresa (2013) Dancing in the Foothills. [Poetry]

O'Hare, Theresa (2013) Good Dreams Interrupted. [Poetry]

OTT, COURTNEY (2014) Alpine Musings. [Poetry]

OTT, COURTNEY (2014) Rain Trails. [Poetry]

Orlovsky, Kristina (2012) Cherry Blossom. [Image]

Orlovsky, Kristina (2013) Leaf Series 2 [Artwork--title page]. [Image]

Orlovsky, Kristina (2013) Leaf Series 3. [Image]

Orlovsky , Kristina (2013) Leaf Series 1 [Artwork--back cover]. [Image]


Pattison, Kurt (2008) Goodbye. [Poetry]

Pattison, Kurt (2008) Grass. [Poetry]

Plotke, Timothy (2014) Doom Tree. [Image]

Pullen, Alex (2013) Jade Mosque [Photograph]. [Image]

Pullen, Alex (2013) Jamia Masjid [Photograph]. [Image]

Pullen, Alex (2013) Red Red Kaffiya [Photograph]. [Image]

Pullen, Alex (2013) Tea in Pahalgam [Photograph]. [Image]


Rust, Jared (2013) Maneater. [Poetry]


SCHREIBER, DIMITRA (2014) Sleeping Lion. [Image]

SEVERSON, ELAINE (2014) A Story (Once Upon a Time). [Poetry]

Seibel, Rachel (2014) On A Dusty Shelf…. [Fiction]

Seibel, Rachel (2013) Unsolicited Advice. [Poetry]

Shafer, Brendon (2010) "Hand-crafted Banjo". [Image]

Shipe, Meghanne (2014) A Heart Longing To Beat. [Fiction]

Shirtz, Emily (2014) Strung Up In Color. [Image]

Shirtz, Emily (2014) Untitled. [Image]

Smith, Matthew Winchester (2014) Riptide. [Fiction]

Spear, Alex (2013) Tables and Chairs. [Fiction]

Steiner, Michaela (2014) The Rabbit Hole. [Fiction]

Steiner, Michaela (2013) To the Stars. [Poetry]

Stevens, Chelsea (2013) Lupulin. [Poetry]

Streiff, Pierce (2010) "Old and Abandoned". [Image]


Thill, Rebecca D. (2010) "Sea Glass". [Poetry]

Tredwell, Graham (2014) Hole In The Mountain. [Fiction]

Troy, Kaitlan (2010) "The Someone in Your Mind". [Poetry]

Tso, Patrick Y. (2010) "Grandma". [Image]


Umberger, Kristina (2013) Ouroboros. [Poetry]


Various, FLC (2010) 5th Annual Natural & Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium Program Book of Abstracts. [Abstract]

Various, FLC (2011) 6th Annual Natural & Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium Program, Book of Abstracts. [Abstract]

Various, FLC (2012) 7th Annual Natural & Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium Program, Book of Abstracts. [Abstract]

Various, FLC (2013) 8th Annual Natural & Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium Program, Book of Abstracts. [Abstract]

Various, FLC (2014) Images Literary Arts Magazine 2013-2014. Fort Lewis College.

Various, FLC (2014) Undergraduate Research Symposium Program Book of Abstracts 2014. [Abstract]

Viana, Isabel (2008) Faith. [Poetry]

Viana, Isabel (2008) When Iemanja Blesses Us. [Poetry]

Vilandre, Kale (2010) "Campfire Smell" [an excerpt]. [Fiction]

Villair, Mareesa (2013) Fractual. [Poetry]

Villair , Mareesa (2013) Language. [Poetry]


Walsh, Lauren (2010) {untitled}. [Image]

Warfield, Michael (2014) Love Is But A Four-letter Word. [Poetry]

Watts, Hannah (2010) "Into the Grey". [Poetry]

Wheatley, Kinsey (2013) Smoke Escapes. [Poetry]

Wheatley, Kinsey (2013) Timelines. [Poetry]

Wilson, Jacob (2014) Captains Of Industry. [Poetry]

Wilson, Jacob (2014) A Job Well Done. [Fiction]


Yarbrough, Patrick (2010) "La Plata" [left] and "Vallecito and the Milky Way" [right]. [Image]

Yazzie, Meagen (2010) "All the Women I Ever Wanted to Be". [Image]

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